Noir Vale

This secret village is dark and shrouded in mystery. A dense forest surrounds the crystal-studded caverns that the villagers call home, and a river runs through the center of the village. Some say that the only way to find the way out of the maze of caves is to follow the river out to the forest, but more experienced - and sneaky - villagers know plenty of hidden caves and tunnels that lead in and around the village.

Noir Vale - The Chatroom

Noir Vale is the second most active chat among the three villages and often competes against Scorched Mountain. Often hanging around the chatroom are members who dislikes drama and often seclude themselves away from their rival village. The rps in the chatroom are often crack / very simple unlike Scorched Mountain.

  • Rumors has it that Noir Vale is known to have a bad reputation.
  • This chatroom is only recommended for those who can not tolerate hard-core RPs, drama, and enjoys playing crack RPs.

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