Scorched Mountain

Only the very brave dare to live in this village, with it's extreme temperatures and rocky terrain. The rusty-red plains surrounding the mountain are a popular spot for artists and, despite the heat, are also well known for having very fertile farming land. The mountain, on the other hand, is rough and unforgiving, and thunderstorms often strike without warning.

Gale Springs

Far in the north, this large village has a very diverse climate. The northernmost part of this village is perpetually covered in snow, while the southernmost villages, which border the ocean, are a much warmer, pleasant temperature. This village is rich in lumber, fishing, unexplored terrain and, most famously, hot springs. Be careful, though - even on the peaceful coast, violent storms have been known to pop up every now and again.

Noir Vale

This secret village is dark and shrouded in mystery. A dense forest surrounds the crystal-studded caverns that the villagers call home, and a river runs through the center of the village. Some say that the only way to find the way out of the maze of caves is to follow the river out to the forest, but more experienced - and sneaky - villagers know plenty of hidden caves and tunnels that lead in and around the village.

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